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Session 3 • Sabbath • Activation

Sabbath is a way for us to withdraw to God. Henri Nouwen talks about “creative withdrawal”and Emilie Griffin refers to any extended time of withdrawal as being “a generous commitment to our friendship with God.”

Sabbath is a day that is to be “holy” to the Lord, meaning set apart to be with God all day. It’s a day we train our bodies, minds, and spirit to be in constant union with God. There is no one way to do this, but silence is very important. Sit before God in silence, hands open, or take a walk and ask Him to be present with you, or look back on your journal from the previous week, remembering the themes of God’s invitations to you. Remember, don’t turn being with God into work. Don’t try and “get” something from God during this time. Production is not the goal of Sabbath; abiding is.


look thoughtfully for a long time at.

think about.

think profoundly and at length; meditate.

Sabbath is an opportunity to enjoy extended periods of meditating on scripture, praying or journalling.

Do this slowly and prayerfully, at whatever pace feels good to you. Contemplation should also bring a sense of rest and delight, as well as healing.

Suggested practices:

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