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Lectio Divina

Session 2 • Scripture • Activation

Lectio Divina, which means “divine reading” is a simple way of praying the scriptures. This method of engaging with scripture has been used for centuries and, although it was originally used mostly within monastic communities, it is now enjoyed widely by all believers who are seeking greater intimacy with God through reading the Bible. It can be used with any passage of scripture, preferably one that is short. It is often helpful to begin with a short account from the gospel narratives.

The audio below will guide you through a Lectio Divina of Luke 10:38-42, which is Jesus with Mary and Martha. You can try it yourself using the guide and one of the suggested passages of scripture.

Begin by saying a simple prayer, asking God to meet with you and guide your time.

Read your selected passage slowly and prayerfully four times using the guidelines below.

1. ‘Lectio’ - we read the scripture

What does the passage say in a general sense? Notice what word, phrase or idea stands out to you and linger with it for a moment.

2. ‘Meditatio’ - we reflect on the scripture

What is the passage speaking to you personally? What feelings arise in you? Stay with the word or idea that has stood out to you, thinking about what it means for you.

3. ‘Oratio’ - we respond to the scripture

Dialogue with God about what’s coming up for you through the passage. Tell him how you feel and how you’d like to respond.

4. ‘Contemplatio’ - we remain with God in contemplation

Wait quietly before God. Rest in his love and listen for what God is speaking to you.

Close with a short prayer. You may also want to take a moment to jot down a few notes from your time.

Suggested passages

  • 2 Kings 6:8-17 Surrounded by Angels
  • Psalm 13 Dark Night
  • Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd
  • Matthew 11: 25-30 Easy Yoke
  • Mark 4: 35-41 Jesus calms the Storm
  • 1 Corinthians 13 Habits of Love
  • Colossians 1: 15-20 Christ’s Supremacy

You might also consider using the Lectio 365 app by 24/7 Prayer.

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