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My Body

Session 8 • Maturity • Activation

When it comes to our physical maturity, we are really reflecting on the ways in which we currently honor the physical bodies God has gifted us with.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” - 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Spend some time in quiet, prayerful reflection, Take some deep breaths and invite the Holy Spirit to meet with you. With your inhale and exhale you might find it helpful to use a Breath Prayer, such as Come, Holy Spirit, or Lord, have mercy.

Notice the condition of your body as you sit and breathe. Is there anywhere that you are carrying tension? Are you experiencing pain or aches? Are you tired or full of energy? Are you dry or thirsty?

Invite the Holy Spirit to fill you with his presence, much like his glory filled the temple.

Imagine the presence and glorious light of God filling your body, invading muscles, bones, tissue, organs, blood, and cells. Give the Holy Spirit permission to fill you entirely, give him Lordship over every fibre of your being. Invite God to speak to you about your physical body. What is his invitation to you?

As you continue in reflection or journaling, you may find it helpful to use the prompts below:

  • What is my attitude towards my physical body?
  • How aware am I of the importance of taking care of my physical body?
  • What does self care look like for me?
  • What healthy or unhealthy habits do I have with regards to food?
  • How has my faith helped (or not helped) me face issues related to my own sexuality?
  • What role does exercise or physical activity have in my routine?
  • What is my relationship with sleep and rest?
  • What role does sex or physical touch play in my life?
  • How have unhealthy models of sexuality influenced or harmed you?
  • How do I respond to the limitations of my body?
  • How likely am I to ignore or stress about sickness, or warning signs in my physical body?
  • What is one small step that God is inviting you to make in order to honor him with the physical body he has given you?

As you spend time reflecting on your physical habits, you may find it helpful to revisit the Habit Inventory or reflect on your Morning and Evening routine. What is God’s invitation to you?

Self Care

Self Care is very simply valuing our own bodies as God values them. It means protecting the desires and limitations of our body, mind and soul.

Self-love is not about self centeredness, but rather it is another opportunity for us to engage in knowing God as we care for the body that the Holy Spirit inhabits. We are called to love our neighbor, as ourselves.

“Self-care is never a selfish act - it is simply good stewardship of the only gift I have, the gift I was put on the earth to offer.”

When we give appropriate attention to our bodies, we will discover the truth about ourselves. We will notice our habits, our patterns, our compulsion what we depend on for energy or fun, signs of happiness, sadness, anger or exhaustion. Honoring our bodies means taking seriously the messages our bodies are giving us, and respecting those limitations, not ignoring or neglecting them. We are not immortal, infinite beings. Our tiredness reminds us of that. We are finite - we need rest, we need boundaries.

Personal Reflection

You might find it helpful to reflect on or journal your responses to these questions:

  1. In what ways can you name that you are made in the image of God? (Spend time thanking God for the things you like about yourself.)
  2. What does your body tell you about yourself?
  3. How does your body respond when you are hungry, tired, excited or angry?
  4. How have you neglected caring for your health, your body, your relationships?
  5. How might seeing your body as a gift from God affect your choices?
  6. What patterns or habits that connect with food, rest, exercise, sex, or relationships are in need of a change?

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