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Suggested Practices

Session 3 • Sabbath • Activation

Here is a list of suggested practices for engaging in a rhythm of Sabbath rest. This list is not exhaustive, it is simply to give you some inspiration as you reflect on your current practice of Sabbath. As you read through them you might want to keep the following questions in mind:

  1. What does my current practice of Sabbath look like?
  2. What is God’s invitation to me related to this practice?

  • Sabbath meal
  • 24 hour Sabbath
  • Digital sabbath
  • Exercise
  • Day/Weekend Retreat
  • Creativity
  • Being present
  • Making Sabbath possible for others
  • Eliminating hurry
  • Enjoying a nap
  • Being in nature
  • Doing something fun
  • Silence and Solitude
  • Making love (if you’re married!)

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