the good way

Three Ancient Prayers

Session 7 • Justice & peace • Devotional

There are several simple and ancient prayers that can be used as Breath Prayers. In the following prayer meditation, you will encounter three prayers:

Lord, have mercy

Into thy Hands

Thee I Adore

You will be invited to meditate on these three prayers, to invite God to speak to you and to allow him to fill your heart and imagination. After a while, you will leave one prayer behind and stay with the two prayers that feel more relevant to your present circumstances. You will continue to reflect on what these prayers hold for you. Again, after a time, you will be encouraged to leave one of the prayers behind and stay with the one that feels most fitting for you. This is the one that feels like it captures best the posture and prayer of your heart today. You will stay with this prayer and invite God to continue to speak to you and reveal his heart to you.

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